Board Members

Executive Board

Peter Richardson


Peter has been a volunteer and member of the Auxiliary for over 15 years, serving on the Board of Directors and assuming the Presidency in 2018, a term which will expire in 2024. With volunteer experience in at least five different departments, he currently serves as a Chaplain. Professionally, Peter worked in radio and TV broadcasting including being a news anchor on the ABC-TV affiliate in Denver, owning his own advertising/public relations agency for over 12 years and was marketing director for two of the Denver areas largest shopping malls.

Linda Sue Rosefsky

Vice President – General Operations

Linda Sue has been a volunteer at DRMC (previously Desert Hospital) since 1995 and has served in many departments over the years. She was very active in the Special Care Unit which had been set up during the AIDS pandemic to care for those who were HIV+/AIDS infected. She chaired the Patient Relations Program, which has just been reactivated after a six year hiatus, worked at the front desk, the ICU waiting room and is the Editor/Publisher of THE VOLUNTEERS’ VOICE, the newsletter issued by the Volunteer Department. For much of her time as a volunteer, she has been a member of the DRMC Auxiliary Board serving in many various capacities and is currently the Vice President, General Operations.

Linda Sue is a Marriage, Family Therapist, now retired and has been involved with the HIV/AIDS pandemic since 1987. Upon moving to Palm Springs in 1991, she continued her “work” with HIV/AIDS at the DAP and was the volunteer coordinator of their Volunteer Testing Program from 1996 until 2014.

Ron Callahan

Vice President – Gift Shop Operations

Ron has been a volunteer with the Auxiliary for 3 years and serving on the Board of Directors for 2 years. He oversees the Gift Shop operations and staff. He recently retired from UCSD Student Services as a senior web developer. During his 30 year career in Information Technology, he held several senior management positions.

Ron served on the Board of Directors of Wellness Network (now AIDS Partnership Michigan) and while in that role, received two 'Spirit of Detroit' awards for his support of the agencies that were at the forefront of the AIDS crisis. Ron and his partner at the time ran a daily home delivered hot meal service that supported over 150 people with AIDS that had become food insecure as the progression of AIDS had made working impossible.

Ernest Sussman


Ernest just celebrated 40 years of volunteering with the Auxiliary. He started in Admitting and is now volunteering in Radiology. Ernest brings a background in advertising and printing to the Auxiliary.

He has been the board's Treasurer for 17 years. As part of his service to the Auxiliary and to the patients of the hospital, Ernest became a notary. In his 'spare' time, Ernest runs a healing bed and breakfast.

Barbara Elg

Corresponding Secretary

Barbara has been on the Auxiliary Board for 7 years as the Corresponding Secretary, and has been a volunteer for 10 years. She has the task of overseeing the grants that the Auxiliary gives out each year, She is Retired from the City of Palm Springs where she was the Risk Management Specialist working with the employees on their health benefits for over 28 years.


Ken Leitner - Communications

Joan Wolff - Hospitality

Dennis Bonola - Membership

Lisa Morand - Scholarship

Rick Gooch - Fundraising

David Dibley - Gift Shop Finance

Members At Large

Dick Weismann

Joanne Smith

Noel Martinez

Gary Smith

Advisory Board

Barbara Elg

Ernest Sussman

Joan Wolff

Bruce Padula